This is a modular X-ray photography medical diagnosis equipment which is available for wards emergency operating room ICU and so on.


General-purpose, mobile X-ray system, dedicated for radiography of standing, seated or recumbent patients as well as for patients in bed or on the operating table and as a standby emergency unit. High-frequency X-ray generator with the following output:

  • 1. Generator output: 5.0 kW
  • 2. kV range: 40 kV – 120 kV in 1kv steps
  • 3. mA range: 25~100 mA
  • 4. Exposure time: 4 films per min, less than 20 ms per film
  • 5. X-ray tube: Stationary anode tube with a focal spot of 1.5*1.5 mm
  • 6. Collimator: bright field light beam collimator with 120 W halogen lamp and auto shut-off facility.
  • 7. Power requirements :Single phase 220 V +/- 10% Voltage tolerance; 50 Hz power supply
  • 8. Mobile stand: Light-weight, low height mobile and easily maneuverable stand.
  • 9. The mobile radiographic unit also include a handheld control and a microwave wireless remote control for the 20-meter microwave remote Without the restriction of Barriers and directional ,different from the infrared remote control . Grids reduce the fog line filters and raise the degree of scattering contrast.
  • 10. The unit is provided with a line (power) cord of acceptable durability, quality, length and is secured with adequate strain reliefs The unit include, power plugs that are sufficient for the maximum voltage and current of the unit.
  • 11. The maximum distance from the ground: ≥ 17500mm, and minimum distance from the ground :≤500mm, rotating around the horizontal axis 180 °, rotation around the vertical: ± 90 °, The collimator can rotate 180 °.


  • Lovely appearance, and easy to move and operate; Possess all the features of all the mobile X-ray photography machines.
  • Rocker arm apply the patent technology of single-arm support and self-balanced. This technology makes the appearance and operation much more beautiful and convenient.
  • Apply the design of expansion gate design, the machine will automatically locked when hand-off which makes the movement much safer.
  • Apply the patent technology of auto-trim patent between arm rotation and battery box. The machine can automatically adjust the barycentre according to the rotation angle of the arm. All this make the series the lightest and smallest and easy for movement among like products.
  • We incorporate the latest compact high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator, which ensure superior image quality, while the skin dose is low , to protect the patient better.
  • Adopt the technology of kV and mAs numeral closed loop control, Real-time control of the microprocessor, which ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the output dose.
  • The parameter can be adjust by the KV and mAs two-button system. High- brightness、blue screen LCD display. With multiple security protect function such as over-voltage, over-current.
  • With 50 preset exposure programs, and can be modified and stored by the user for convenient operation.
  • With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce irradiation, which is much safer to environment and operator.
  • Has a set of failure cascading failure function. Display the failure code. The system will automatically reset when the power is off which ensure the information safe.
  • With a symmetrical beam applicator to adjust the X-ray field and a collimator lamp to locate the filed to ensure accurate radiograph.
  • With high frequency inverter to emit high quality X-ray and low dose on skin, and ensure excellent definition and contrast of pictures.
  • The arms can rotate ±90°left and right. It is convenient to poisoning.
  • Adopt manual control and remote control methods to control the photography function


1.PLX152 Table for Mobile X ray Equipment

(2000×700×500mm, cassette movement: 1680mm)

2. Upright Bucky Stand