WMC-RC-X6500 High Frequency X-Ray Radiography System

It is installed with close-table graphical colorful LCD touch screen and wireless remote control exposure, which makes the operator easy to use.


Item content
Output power 55kW
Main inverter frequency 60kHz
X-ray tube
Rotary anode, dual-focus, large focus: 1.2mm, small focus: 0.6mm, the frequency for large is 78kW and small is 33kW.
Anode thermal capacity:260kJ (370kHu)
Tube thermal capacity: 1000kJ (1780kHu)
Rotary anode speed 8500rpm-10800rpm
mA range 10mA-500mA
Tube voltage 40kV-150kV
Anode target surface angle 12°
mAs 0.1-630mAs
Table radiography grids Grid density:103L/INCH;Grid ratio:10:1;Focusing distance:120cm;Stationary type:15″×18″
Exposure Time 0.001s-12.5s
Power supply 380/400VAC three phase, 50Hz.
Operation method close-table graphic program controlled LCD touchable screen operation; wireless remote control exposure

Structural performance

Table size 2000×760mm
Table height ≤700mm
Table transverse movement ≥220mm
Table longitudinal movement ≥900mm
Grids cassette holder movement ≥560mm
X-ray tube assembly center rotation ≥±120°
Rotation of the pillar 4×90°
Axial rotation 0-35°
SID 450-1200mm