This machine is applied to take radiography on every part of human body, such as head, limbs, chest, limbus and abdomen and etc.


  • Type of generator and X-ray tube.
  • Flat Panel Detector.
  • Apply with domestic brand Flat panel detector, which could give perfect digital images directly.
  • 3K×3K Acquisition matrix, 143um pixels size, and 3.7Lp/mm ultimate spatial resolution, with DQE values ≥70%.
  • 17〞×17〞Large acquisition area and with the non-center processing technology, no matter the center and border, the quality of the image is the same.
  • The detector could be rotated ±45 degree along the axis direction, to satisfy the different photograph requirement of every body parts, such as Ankle joint, lateral spine.
  • The detector has the self-protection function.It can stop to move when it detect the distance in front of the barrier.
  • Digital Working Station.
  • Operation System.
  • Be equipped with19〞LCD high resolution monitor screen,the delicate and richness degree of image is far higher than the normal medical monitor.International advanced level.
  • These features can make the doctor diagnose more accurate and smooth.
  • Human graphical touchable screen.Just need a slight click on the human body position and shape,the parameters can be set easily.
  • Be equipped with the microphone and remote exposure control.The doctor can control outside the operating room.
  • Be equipped with various set of infrared facilities to protect the machine from the mis-operation of the doctors.
  • Optional PLXF153 operating room.Battery power supplied, Infrared unlock.
  • Optional CODONICS, digital printer.
  • Mechanical Movement.
  • The self-designed and manufactured electric U-arm mainframe can move up and down, and rotate in a wide range, which can satisfy the requirements of multi-site photography.
  • Adopting original Italian geared motor, the features are reliable performance,lower noise,longer service life.
  • The unique three three-dimension and three independent control system,can achieve one-key reposition.

Technical data

High-frequency X-ray machine Output power 25kW
Main inverter frequency 40kHz
X-ray tube Dual-focus X-ray tube Small focus:0.6  Large focus:1.3
Output power 11kW/32kW
Anode Capacity 80kJ(107kU)
Anode Angle 15°
Speed of rotating anode 3000rpm
Tube Current 200mA
Tube voltage 40-125kV
mAs 0.4-360mAs
AEC Option
Digital Image System Digital Detector Field of view 17”*17”
Pixel 3K*3K
Ultimate spatial resolution 3.7LP/mm
Pixel size 143um
Output grayscale 14bit
Imaging time ≤9s
Image Workstation Acquisition module Inside enhancement module
Image information management Dicomimage transmission
Dicomfilm printing
Dicomimage storage(hard disk, compact disk)
Mechanical structure  and performance U-arm Vertical movement range ≥1250 mm(motorized control)
Focus-screen movement range ≥800mm(motorized control)
Rotation range -40°-+130°(motorized control)
Detector rotation -40°-+40°
Photography table (Optional) Table size 2000mm*650mm
Table height ≤740mm
Transverse movement 200mm(electromagneticlock)
Longitudinal movement 100mm(electromagnetic lock)
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz


PLXF153Intelligent All-Directions Mobile Table, electromagnetic control of floating table surface, chargeable.

(2000×650×740mm, Longitudinal movement: 200mm, Horizontal movement:100mm)