Full support perspective gastrointestinal spot film GI (barium meal barium enema) orthopedic photography pediatrics photography.


  • High quality combined high frequency high voltage xray generator reduces xray dose to body.
  • With function of kV, mA automatically track (ABS) in fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness
  • Real time continuous Pulse Fluoroscopy with low dose, but meet operation demand with clearness image
  • Human graphical LCD touch screen, intelligent and fast operation
  • A unique hand-held controller design, convenient to operate
  • Toshiba image intensifier and Medical Mega-pixels digital CCD camera, the quality is stable and reliable, and image clarity
  • Powerful digital graphic workstation with standard configuration of DICOM 3.0 connected to network perfectly, and perfect software
  • Unique design of electric auxiliary support arm is more security for using.
  • New C-arm frame with a compact appearance, and easy to operate
  • Digital radiography with powerful processing program
  • Automatically store the last image of fluoroscopy to advantage diagnosis

Technical data

Item Content Technical parameter
Power supply Voltage 380V±38V
Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Capacity ≥65kVA
internal resistor ≤0.17Ω
Digital X-ray high voltage system (import high-frequency generator ) photography Power Output 50KW
Inverter Frequency 200KHZ
Tube Voltage 40kv—150kv step regulation
Tube Current 10mA—630mA step regulation
Exposure time 1.0s—6300ms step regulation
Control interface Touched LCD
Control hand One-button operation handle
Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage 40kv—120kv ontinuous regulation
Tube Current  0.5mA—6mA continuous regulation
Digital Controlled X-ray Tube Tube Brand Toshiba
Tube Focus:Large Focus/Small Focus 1.2mm /0.6mm
Input Power Large focus: 50kW  small focus: 19kW
thermal capacity 300 KHU
Rotary anode speed 3000rpm
Micro-computer control remote diagnostic table Material of the tabletop  high strength、low absorb carbon fiber
Rotation of the table 90°~0°~-25°
Transverse travel of table ±110mm
Longitudinal travel of the photography holder and film spot device ≥720mm
X-ray Focus—film gauge 1100 mm—1500 mm
Rotating foot plate ±360° rotation
Full film photography size 8″×10″—14″×17″
Compressor force 80N-130N
Dividing method for spot film Full film, half dividing, three parts dividing, four parts dividing
Control method for diagnostic table Remote、table control、frequency conversion soft starting and stopping
beam limiter Electric Multi-leaf
fixed bucky device for table Grid density: 103L/INCH, Grid ratio: 10:1,focusing distance: 120cm,fixed type: 15″×18″
Intensifier and CRT Monitor Image Intensifier Toshiba (9”/6”/4.5″) Image Intensifier
high resolution CCD (digital cameras) ultra-low-light,standard 1000,000 pixel
Monitor (Optional ) 14〞medical high definition monitor, horizontal  central resolution ratio :1000 lines,fringe: 800 lines,video bandwidth: 12.5MHz,50bit,image number/second: 25 frame
workstation i5-6500(3.20 GHz),4 GB DDR3, 500GB SATA (7200 rpm), work list ; DSI function; Gather and deal with image ;Spot Film Acquire Image ;Image Playback ;Rich Image Processing Function ;X-ray Film Printer Function : Report Edit and Print Function ;
LCD colorful screen 19” LED Medical Use High Definition Monitor