With high performance neutral electrode contact inspection system, system will test and evaluate the effective contact area between electrode and derma, if the contact area was found low to a danger level, system will automatic cutout and gives alarm indication.

Product Technical specification

Six Output working modes:

  • a) Cut: 400W
  • b) Blend 1: 250W
  • c) Blend 2: 200W
  • d) Spray coagulation: 100W
  • e) Soft coagulation: 80W
  • f) Bipolar coagulation: 50W

Product Application

  • Applicable for general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urologic surgery, cerebral surgery, microsurgery, ENT surgery and etc.
  • Cut: Pure cut, can make easy operation for any organic, the effect is refine cut, no escharosis on the surface.
  • Blend 1: The effect is cut with tiny coagulation.
  • Blend 2: Can use this function together with Endoscope, the effect is offering a better coagulation during cut.
  • Electro Coag 1: Called strength electrocoagulation, or called surface coagulation, for a deep coagulation layer for organic, small effect area, can use this function together with Endoscope.
  • Electro Coag 2: Called soft coagulation, or called point coagulation, faster coagulation, large effect area, can use this function together with Endoscope.
  • Bipolar Coag: Called rapid Bipolar coagulation, to provide coagulation function rapidly at boot, which can prevent organic’s adhesion.