Five working modes with Compact and light design.

Product Application

Spinal Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, ORL/ENT surgery, Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery, Oral Surgery.

Product Technical Specification

Working  Mode Max Power Rated Load
Monopolar Cut Pure cut 30W 500Ω
Monopolar Coag Standard Coag 30W 500Ω
Bipolar  Cut Bipolar Cut 30W 100Ω
Bipolar  Coag Bipolar Coag 30W 100Ω
Electrical requirement
Monopolar Measuring Frequency  4.0MHZ ±2% Bipolar Measuring Frequency 1.84MHZ ±2%
Max Input Currency 1400VA
Environmental Conditions for Use

Prouct Standard Accessories

Code Accessories Name Quantity
1 RF Electrosurgical Unit 1
2 Reusable ESU Pencil 1
3 Disposable Electrode 9
4 Reusable patient plate with cable 1
5 Resuable Bipolar forceps 1
6 Reusable Bipolar cable 1
7 Double  Footswitch 1
8 Power cable 1
9 English Service Manual 1