CPAP system is used for newborn baby with stronger spontaneous breath and slightly respiratory failure, and applies to pediatric clinics for NCPAP oxygen uptake.

Product Performance and features

  • CPAP ventilation mode keeps children spontaneous breath and reduces children breathing work, continues to provide CPAP mode of constant flow and limited pressure for newborn baby;
  • Delivery air/O2 mixture with properly adjusted O2 concentration and continuous positive pressure to premature baby, newborn baby and child, which will highly improve the safety and efficacy of oxygen therapy;
  • Equipped with built-in oxygen/air blender, ensuring O2 concentration adjustment to be stable ;
  • High quality oxygen sensor can monitor real-time O2 concentration , alarm over limitation, ensure safety ofbreathing O2;
  • Reliable CPAP control valve and advanced pressure monitoring system improve CPAP adjustment precision.
  • 3’’display

Product Working Condition

  • l Air source                 O2、AIR
  • l Air source pressure    280 kPa ~ 600 kPa
  • l Power supply            ~220 V±22 V, 50 HZ with air compressor
    100-240V,50/60HZ(without air compressor)
  • l Input power   900VA(with air compressor)
    250VA (without air compressor)
  • Ventilation Mode     l CPAP

Main technical parameters

Adjusting Parameter

  • l Inhaled oxygen concentration 21 %~100 %
  • l CPAP 0cmH2O~15 cmH2O
  • l Continuous flow 2L/min~20L/min

Monitoring Parameter

  • l Inhaled oxygen concentration 15 % ~ 100 %
  • l CPAP 0 cmH2O ~ 60 cmH2O
  • l Continuous flow 2 L/min ~ 20 L/min

Alarm and protection

  • l The AC power cut-off alarm
  • l Low air (oxygen) input pressure alarm
  • l Air / oxygen input unbalanced pressure alarm
  • l High oxygen concentration alarm
  • l low oxygen concentration alarm
  • l Pressure limit