With memory function, the power set value of the last use appears when restarting the boot.

Five output modes

  • Mono cut                 Cutting: 80W (load 500)
    Blend:  80W(load 500)
  • Mono Coag              Coag: 60W (load 500)
  • Bioplar                     Bipolar Coag: 50W  (load 200)

The characteristics of each function

  • Cutting: pure cutting, its effect is fine cutting, tissue surface fresh without scab;
  • Blend: The effect is slight coagulation effect in cutting.
  • Electrocoagulation : It can be called soft electrocoagulation or point coagulation. It has a relatively deep coagulation layer and a relatively small scope of action. It can be used with endoscopy.
  • Bipolar Coag: It can be called fine bipolar electrocoagulation. It can quickly achieve the effect of coagulation at the start-up time, automatically cut off the power output during tissue coagulation, achieve excellent coagulation effect, and effectively prevent tissue adhesion.

Technical parameters

  • Environmental temperature range: 5 C~40 C; 2. Relative humidity range: <80;
  • Atmospheric pressure range: 86.0-106.0 kpa; 4. Power supply: 220V (+22V), 50Hz (+1);
  • Working frequency: 360-460 kHz; 6. Rated power of equipment: 880 VA+10%;
  • Type of equipment: CF
  • The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 1000VA. (Cutting function 300)

Transport and storage

  • (a) ambient temperature range: – 40 55 C
  • (b) relative humidity range: < 93%
  • atmospheric pressure range: 500 hPa to 1060 hpa