ZF series shadowless Operating lamp can widely be used in diversified operation occasion to meet the demand of the illumination, and it is the ideal illumination instrument of the modern operating theater.

Main Technical Data

  • Illuminance: ZF700≥150,000Lux ,ZF500≥100,000Lux
  • Colour temperature:4500±300K
  • Colour reduction index(Ra): ZF700:Ra:94 ,ZF500:Ra:93
  • Illuminance depth:≥1000mm
  • Total irradiance: ZF700:426W/m² ZF500:580W/m²
  • The ratio between irradiance and illuminance :ZF700:3.3mW/m²lx ZF500:4.7mW/m²lx
  • Size of light field:160~280mm
  • Rated power of bulb 24V:150W/150W
  • Service life of illuminant:1,000h
  • Power supply voltage:AC110-240v,50/60Hz
  • Brightness adjustment:Automatic8-stage continuous light adjustment
  • Shift of major and stand by lamp s:Automatic
  • Lowest height of installation:2900mm