Defibrillator type Manual, Synchronized, Asynchronized.

Product Physical characteristics

  • Main unit: Portable
  • Dimensions: L320xW205xH410
  • Weight: 9.5kg

Power requirements

  • (a) AC Power supply 100V~240V,50Hz/60 Hz
  • (b) Vehicle Voltage(Option) DC 12V

Internal Battery Backup

  • (1) Battery type Rechargeable lead-acid battery (12V 2.0Ah  X2)
  • (2) Charging time Time-Minimum of 4 hours for full charging
  • (3) Battery charging During AC Power Supply operation of the device
  • (4) Charging /Low Battery Indication Red LED
  • (5) Battery Capacity 100% of the battery will provide 120-min monitoring; and 30 discharges at 360 joules


  • LCD Dimensions 7-inch
  • Type High resolution true-color graphic
  • Resolution 480X234


  • ECG lead: Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, AVR, AVL, AVF, V1~V6
  • Protection: With stand 4000vAc/50Hz voltage in isolation and work against electrosurgical knife and defibrillation


  • Measurement method: Thoracic impedance
  • Standard parameter & configuration

Optional: Recorder, Li-ion battery (11.1V 4Ah  X2)