The RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) uses colloidal label as a tool for SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection in human nasal specimens, it is designed for personal use.

Variant Detection [B.1.1.7 (Alpha), B.1.351 (Beta), E484K mutation, B1.617.2 (Delta), P.1

RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) is designed for home-use to determine in vitro qualitative SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) antigen in nasal samples. This antigen test kit (ATK) is developed and designed as DIY test at-home.

COVID-19 infection can be easily identified by RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) in human nasal samples from suspected patients.

Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 in early stage within the body provides an opportunity to inform people while the coronavirus is still highly infectious.

The COVID-19 variant appears to spread more rapidly. RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) also detects asymptomatic infections. Thus, current worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 could be controlled.

25 Pcs. Product

Easy to Use
Just collect the sample and test it.

Fast Results
Very simple, and quick results within the next 15 minutes.

High Accuracy
Diagnostic accuracy of the rapid tests are higher for suspected patients (98.09%).

Home Testing
Rapid tests can be available without a prescription.

Single Product

Reliable Products
Our tests are approved and certified by authorities (CE, IVD, ISO, BfArM).

Variant Detection
The results demonstrate that most SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) mutated virus strains, including B.1.1.7 (Alpha), B.1.351 (Beta), E484K mutation, B1.617.2 (Delta), P.1 (Gamma), C.37 (Lambda) are detectable.

Simplified Sampling
You do not have to smear more than 2.5 cm in the nose.

How To Use
Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

Rapidfor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) is designed to run the in vitro identification of SARS-CoV-2 antigen, qualitatively at home. It is intended for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in nasal specimens from individuals who meet COVID-19 clinical criteria.

Interpretation of the Result
How To Use Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

This product can only perform qualitative analysis on the detection object.

Positive Result: If both C and T lines are visible within 15 minutes, the test result is positive and valid.

Negative Result: If test area (T line) has no color and the control area displays a colored line, the result is negative and valid.

Invalid Result: The test result is invalid if a colored line does not form in the control region. The sample must be re-tested, using a new test cassette.

*Foot-note1: The samples should be used as soon as possible after collected (within half an hour). Samples should not be inactivated.
*Foot-note2: Recommend using a pipette to transfer the samples to reduce deviations
*Foot-note3: Dispose of all the materials used during the test to biological waste especially the result of the test is positive.

Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

Usage Video

Usage Areas
Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

Each of us should play a role in reducing the danger of the COVID-19 spreading and resuming economic and social activities in a safe environment.

Anyone who desires to attend a place where certain events, businesses, or activities are being organized must perform the COVID-19 test.

The test provides a qualitative result showing colored bands indicating the presence of COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2) antigens. Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) is used for screening purposes in many places such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, airports, hotels, restaurants, and production facilities.

To attend an event, test results must be provided within 72 hours. It is everyone’s responsibility to stop the COVID-19from spreading.


Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

Our test kits are prepared according to the following standards.

Test Types Comparison

Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

est Types PCR Antigen ELISA Antibody
Detected Nucleic Acid Antigen Antibody Antibody
Sample Type Nasopharyngeal
Serum and Plasma Serum Plasma and Whole Blood
Time To Result 3 Hours 15 Minutes 45 Minutes 15 Minutes
Device Requirement Yes No Yes No
Lab Requirement Yes No Yes No

Box Content

Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

Content 25 Test Option Single Test Option
Test Casette 25 Pcs. 1 Pc.
Nasal Swab 25 Pcs. 1 Pc.
Extraction Buffer 25 Pcs. 1 Pc.
Biohazard Bag 25 Pcs. 1 Pc.
User Manual 1 Pc. 1 Pc.

Order Information

Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)

PRODUCT CATALOG NO PACK SIZE Pcs/Carton Pcs/ Euro Palette Carton Size Euro Palette Size
RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) VSCD02-1 1 Box / 1 Pc. 500 6000 71x54x36 80×120
RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) VSCD02-25 25 Box / 25 Pcs. 1000 20000 58x45x43 100×120

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Antigen Test Kit

How accurate is RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)?

Clinical study shows that the RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test (Self-test) is 98.09 percent accurate. For additional information, see the “Instructions for Use (IFU)”.

Can RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) detect SARS-CoV-2 in early stage?

Yes, the test may identify the virus at its acute stage (2-4 days after viral exposure). For further details, read the “Test Types Comparison” section.

Can new variants be detectable by RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)?

COVID-19 viral variations are continually tracked by the RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) to ensure that, as with many viruses, our tests can identify them. We’ve gone through all the current variations including B.1.1.7 UK (Alpha), B.1.351 South Africa (Beta), E484K mutation, B1.617.2 India (Delta), P.1 Brazil (Gamma), C.37 (Lambda); and are certain that our tests will still find them. The test looks for proteins required for the COVID-19 virus to survive.

What is the advantage of RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test (Self-Test) over RT-PCR test?

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT- PCR Test) requires lab equipment and lab environments however RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) is designed for home-testing. In comparison with the Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT- PCR Test), RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) enables us to screen the existence of the illness of concern in a very short time. This benefit gives us the opportunity to test more people in less time. It is a major advantage in the event of worldwide pandemics such as COVID-19. Since many of the COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those associated with the common cold, or other diseases, the testing of a person having or not having COVID-19 is required.

Does RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) hurt?

RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test) is not harmful to you due to it is suitable for home-testing. It should not hurt if you put the end of the self-test swab in your nose because it is not sharp. We provide a streamlined sample; just 2.5 cm should be smeared in the nose. The swab might be a little unsettling from time to time. Stop the test and seek medical attention if you experience any pain.

What do I need to pay attention to when performing RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)?

Before taking the test, please read the instructions carefully. The process should be completed within 15 minutes of withdrawing the test cassette from the foil package. The buffer solution should be recapped as soon as possible after each use. After collecting the samples, they should be used as quickly as feasible (within half an hour). It is not suggested to inactivate samples.

How could I act if I get positive test result?

Make contact with your healthcare provider and inform them of your situation. To confirm the presence of COVID-19 infection, get polymerase chain reaction (PCR Test). If you have been diagnosed with a disease, you should isolate yourself and follow your local public health rules. Inform your employees and others you met throughout your two-week self-isolation period.

How could I act if I get a negative test result?

Our tests are quite accurate, but there is no way to know for sure. You should repeat the test in 4-5 days since the viral load in your body may not be high enough for the test to detect. Keep a safe distance from high-risk areas and preserve social distance.

Is the test cassette being reusable?

The test cassette is not intended to be used more than once. It’s not a good idea to test another sample using the same cassette.

How can I dispose of the test after I use it?

Place everything you used during the process, including the swab, tube, and test cassette, in the biohazard bag provided in the package. Do not put them in the recycling container; instead, put them in the garbage. Keep pets and children out of reach. If you have access to one, dispose of all items used during the test in medical trash.

How and how long can I store RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test)?

Store between 2 °C and 30 °C in a sealed bag until the expiration date on the packaging is reached; do not store below 2 °C or consume expired items. The MFG and EXP dates are stated on the label. After 24 months, the product will no longer be suitable for usage.