We are proud to introduce our new “Suction Catheters With Protective Sleeve”, designed to prevent aerosol spread of microorganisms into the nearby environment, and reducing risk of disease spread among our precious frontline healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses, engaged in a relentless war against COVID-19.

Suction catheters with protective sleeve have proven to be more effective than other open suction catheters in preventing microbial contamination during the suctioning process.

Suction catheter with protective sleeve is a single use, sterile medical device, consisting of a flexible tube, which can be fitted with a connector to a drainage system, for introduction into the respiratory tract to remove fluids/material by suction; suction catheter with protective sleeve, in addition, has a clear sleeve that envelopes the catheter. The sleeve protects the catheter from contamination by the user or the patient touching to the catheter shaft and the healthcare professionals from inhaling aerosol dispersion of microorganisms after completion of suctioning procedure and removal of the catheter from patient’s airway. Suction catheter protective sleeve decreases the risk of contamination from microorganisms excreted in patient’s airway secretions and protects the user and the nearby environment (room air and surfaces) from aerosol contamination.

Eliminates risk of user/patient contact with catheter shaft and prevents spread of infectious disease agents ‘via aerosol dispersion’ into the nearby environment through containment of the catheter within the clear sleeve.

Technical Details

Intended Use:

When patients are unable to mobilize their secretions, any secretions from the oropharynx and/or trachea may have to be suctioned to maintain a patent airway. In addition, patients with an artificial airway, such as those who have been intubated, usually require suctioning while they are on a ventilator. Suctioning may be performed through an endotracheal tube, tracheostomy tube or through the nose or mouth into the trachea. Although each procedure is slightly different, indications, supplies, procedures and risks are similar.

Code Table



190 0615 1

06 Ch

Light Green

190 0815 1

08 Ch


190 1015 1

10 Ch


190 1215 1

12 Ch


190 1415 1

14 Ch


190 1615 1

16 Ch


190 1815 1

18 Ch


190 2015 1

20 Ch