Emergency room service is the first step to save the lives of many people and whether for unexpected events or normal conditions, it is always a vital service.In line with our mission to save a human life, we are proud to introduce our patient bed built to provide comfort to patients in emergency rooms.

Technical Details

Bed dimensions: 2120 x 910 x 815 mm

Seating height: 350 mm (w/o mattress) 500 mm (w/mattress)

Mattress: 2000 x 860 x 150 mm

Wheel diameter: 150 mm

Brake method: Cross-brake system (2 wheels free without the brake and 2 wheels with the brake)

Net weight: 60 kg

References Numbers

M2Z 450 0 0


Head section angle: 30° upward

Head section adjustment: Gradual mechanichal adjustment


Standard Accessories

  1. I.V. stand
  2. Document tray