Mobiline 690 Transfer Trolley

The Mobiline 690 Transfer Trolley is an effortless system for nursing staff providing safe and comfortable transfer of patient between hospitals ward and clean areas whilst protecting the bacterial barrier.

Height of the transfer platform can be adjusted with a foot pedal controlled hydraulic system that is present on both Clean Area and Ward Trolley Carriages**. On both trolley carriages wheels can be locked, released or put in true direction steering mode from any corner. The system allows four casters to move freely or releases the 5th wheel or secures the trolley carriages in desired position. The 5th wheel helps to steer trolley carriages around corners and at slopes with little affort and freely by one person. All round bumpers provide full protection for transfer platform.

Technical Details

Mobiline 690A and 690B

Height adjustment: 580- 720 mm

Height adjustment (w/690C): 780- 920 mm

Tabletop (Transfer rail): 440x 1980 mm

Table base: 605 x 1510 mm

Mobiline 691Aand 691B

Height adjustment: 720 mm (Fixed)

Height adjustment (w/690C): 920 mm

Tabletop (Transfer rail): 440x 1980 mm

Table base:605 x 1510 mm

Mobiline 690C

Platform: 680 x 2080 mm

Head-Backrest section: 610 x 760 mm

Seat-leg section: 610 x 1110 mm

Patient surface: 610 x 1900 x 80 mm

References Numbers

M2U 300 0 0 – Mobiline 690A Trolley Carriage – Ward (w/ height adjustment)

M2U 310 0 0 – Mobiline 691A Trolley Carriage – Ward (Fixed height)

M2U 350 0 0 – Mobiline 690B Trolley Carriage – Clean Area (w/ height adjustment and Trendelenburg)

M2U 360 0 0 – Mobiline 691B Trolley Carriage – Clean Area (Fixed height and w/ Trendelenburg)

M2U 400 0 0 – Mobiline 690C Transfer Platform

Packing Details

Mobiline 690A and 691A

Net weight: 77 kg

Gross weight: 115 kg

Packing dimensions: 800 x 2150 x 850 mm

Mobiline 690B and 691B

Net weight: 85 kg

Gross weight: 123 kg

Packing dimensions: 800 x 2150 x 850 mm

Mobiline 690C

Net weight: 62 kg

Gross weight: 100 kg

Packing dimensions: 800 x 2150 x 850 mm


Trendelenburg: 10° (6908 and 691B)

Head-backrest section: 75° upward (690C)


Standard Accessories

  1. 5th wheel
  2. IV stand – Telescopic, folding ( 1 ea) (For Mobiline 690C)
  3. Mattress ( 1 ea) (For Mobiline 690C)


  1. I.V. stand – Telescopic
  2. Body strap
  3. Head/foot board (push-pull bar)
  4. Monitor tray/foot board – Folding
  5. 5 L. Oxygen cylinder holder