Luxline LED Series surgical light shows excellent shadow management function (shadow-free). The professional shadow dilution experiment simulated extreme situations by using tubes and masks proved that Bıçakcılar Luxline LED Series surgical light has sufficient illumination even in extreme situations.

Technical Details

Mounting type: Ceiling

Light source: LED

Luminous power (1m distance): 160.000 lux

Light intensity: Adjustable in 10 levels by membrane controlpanel and adjustable 5 levels by touchless infrared sensor

LED life time: 50.000 h

Number of Led: 84 (except endo mode leds)

Endo mode: 4 each green leds

Light head diameter: 710 mm

Light head hanging arm: Rotates 360°

Light head joint arm: Rotates 260°

Light head: Rotates 270°

Horizontal rotary arms: Rotate 360°, 565/725/875 mm length

Spring arms: 910 mm length, rotate 360°, 50° downward, 45° upward, 1180 mm action distance

Light field diameter (1m distance): 180 – 250 mm

ılluminance field diameter L1+L2 (20%): 1200 mm

Color rendering index (CRI): ≥95 (4000K)

Color temperature: 4000K±250, 4500K±250, 5000K±250

Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 75 W

Linear air flow (Laminar flow): It is designed in an ergonomic structure which minimizes turbulence and is fully compatible with the linear air flow system. 

Additional Tecnnical Details for Luxline 3160C LED Surgical Light with Camera

Full HD Camera: 10X Optical and 32X Digital zoom

Control panel: 4.3” resistive touch color LCD screen

Camera features: Zoom in / out, freeze image, White Balance and Iris adjustment

Image transmission: Wireless

Camera group reference number: M1C 810 5 0

  • Touch color LCD screen control panel

  • Remote control (available for “with camera” models)

  • With HD camera

  • Camera ready

  • Emergency On/Off

  • Camera case (available for “with camera” models)

  • Endo mode

  • Adjustable light intensity with touchless infrared sensor

References Numbers

Luxline 3160C LED Surgical Light With Camera : M1D 800 00

Luxline 3160CR LED Surgical Light With Camera Ready: M1D 700 00

Luxline 3160 LED Surgical Light: M1D 500 00