Getting samples of CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) is now much easier and safer with DESU® Drainage systems which eliminates the need for needles and the threat of infection!

Technical Details

ENDS (External Neurological Drainage System) consists of the following parts:

  • 1, female luer connector and luer cap (to connect the catheter to the distal outlet)

  • 1, 60 cm reinforced rope with locking mechanism

  • 1, 30 cm measurement scale (to adjust the CFS level according to mm Hg level)

  • 1, 100 ml drip chamber with anti-microbial filter

  • 1, 250 cm patent line that consist of: 1 male lure connector with cap, 3 three-way connectors, 1 y-connector with injection port, 4 clamps

  • 1, 700 ml sterile drainage bag that has: an air filter, 1 outlet and level indicators at every 100 ml and has an air-filter

  • 1 ventricular (standard/antibiotic impregnated) or lumbar (standard) drainage catheter, according to intended use

ELD (External Lumbar Drainage) catheter kit consists of the following parts;

  • 1, External Lumbar DrainageCatheter

  • 1, stainless steel trocar needle with bended tip to allow catheter passage under the skin during catheterization

  • 1, luer connector

  • 1, silicone fixation tab